I have the great privilege of having in my possession a large quantity of material which is in the form of documents, some typed, some handwritten from Bishop Richard Wood.

Richard was a close friend and Bishop of Namibia during the 1970's. Sadly he died about 10 years ago. These papers came into my hands by the kind permission of his widow Cathy Wood. I first introduce Bishop Richard to you now (click to read more).

Letters and Papers from Bishop Richard James Wood

What Is Truth? Man In Society Christianity Christian Hope
Politics and Theology Peace - March 1979 One World Week Trinity
Reflections - 2 The Church in Namibia The Dialogue 1 1 Bishop Wood Deported 
An Eventful Few Months -
S.A.V.E Sept 1975
Damaraland Colin Winter's Statement
about St Mary's Closure
Theology of Disinvestment:
Part One
Theology of Disinvestment:
Part Two
Matters Arising Harthill Peace on Earth to Men of Goodwill