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Parishioner Mary Mason couldn’t sleep. Her mind was restless following a Lenten Bible study. She got up early, poured herself a bowl of cornflakes, tore open the empty packet and wrote down the thoughts and questions which were puzzling her. ‘I am a Christian - or am I’? ‘I find it hard to believe in the Virgin Birth’; ‘Sometimes I am in a cynical mood. I could leave the Church and all its human failures and hypocrisies, but God will not let me go’. She ended with the question; ‘Do you tolerate doubting Thomas in your Church? I wish to know.’

If, like Mary, you have an enquiring mind and will allow this book to take you on a roller-coaster read with the author and other, famous, theology scholars, it might help you to a deeper understanding of the Holy Bible and enrich your Christian Faith.

rev rayThe Cornflakes Theology group was founded in June 2011 by the Rev'd Ray Eveleigh, a retired Anglican Priest, for those who have a personal interest in the study of theology as part of their individual Christian discipleship and for the interested member of the general public who, whether believer or not, wishes to have a guide to some important developments in theology which have taken place in the nineteenth and twentieth century. The group of about fifteen to twenty members agreed to meet on the first Wednesday evening of each month at Haisthorpe Methodist Church/Community Centre near Driffield. In addition there are occasional events such as short courses and residential weekends at Wydale Hall, the York Diocesan Conference Centre. The group agreed to be guided by the following basic principles:-

1. If our talk of God (theology) is to be sensible and credible in the 21st century it must be expressed in the language and thought forms of our generation. Hence the 'three decker' universe of first century Palestine must be replaced with an awareness of the vast universe and our position in it.

2. The developments in the understanding of human behaviour which have taken place in the last century must be valued. Psychology, Psychotherapy, Evolution Theory, Communication, Science, Genetics and Sociology have contributed enormously to the concept of human responsibility.

3. The theory of Evolution and the study of the origin of the universe have greatly affected the way we think about the theology of creation and the development of human beings.

4. The development of Biblical Criticism and the discovery of the Gnostic Gospels, discovered in1945, and the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in 1947, have revealed new insights into the interpretation of ancient writings.

5. The advent of the computer and the internet, has had a radical influence on the understanding of human intelligence and communication.

6. The group should adopt a spirit of openness and a respect for people of different faiths or none.


A Cornflakes Lent Course may be viewed here: Lent Course

Everyone and anyone is welcome to join in this exciting new venture examining the heart of Christian belief.
If you would like to participate in 'The Cornflakes Theology Movement' or if you have any questions on theology , please contact me by clicking here.

'Cornflakes Theology' is affiliated to the 'Progressive Christian Network'. For more information visit PCN Britain