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    The following table contains some examples of Cornflakes Theology. They are attempts at interpreting the Christian Faith in a language and thought form of the 21st century. Many of the articles are contributed by members of the 'Cornflakes Theology Group', others are written by myself.

The table is a KWIC (Key Word In Context) index. Each element contains two or three key words which give a clue to the theme of each article. Click on the key words to read and/or download the text.

Jesus and other Faiths

Communication of the Gospel within the Church

Ascension; Inspiration

Disputes; Hypocrisy

Responsibility; Advent

Temptation; Serenity

Saints; Sinners

Creation; The End

Scripture; Tradition; Reason

Dust; Ashes

Power; Weakness

Comfortable Words

Conflict; Prophecy

Love; Discipleship

Virgin Mary; Burdens

Prayer; Action

Religionless Christianity

Love; Relationships

Invitation; Need

Gospel; Politics

Christmas; Star Trek

Vision; Transfiguration

Fruit; Spirit

Human love; Law

Spirit; Birth

Humility: Self-esteem

Fundamentalism; Meaning

Faith; Trust

Quiet mind; Happiness


Action; Church

Holiness; Religion

Class; Apartheid

Hope; Despair

Redemption; Openness

Living with Questions

Brother; Friend

Sheep; Bishops

Silence; Worship

Conflict; Tolerance

Faith; Glory

Suffering; Messiah

Optimism; Growth

Justice; Prayer

Trinity; Outcaste

Vine; Communion

Creation; Work

Faith; Action

Service; Humility

Nature; Chance

Friendship; Humility

Alpha; Omega

Peace; Hope


I Have A Dream

Born of a Woman



I have written a thesis on non-stipendiary ministry which you may find interesting which can be downloaded here. Non-Stipendiary Ministry.

    I hope that readers may find food for thought in them and I welcome any comments or criticisms. Please e-mail me here.